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Ansgar Opitz

Dr. Ansgar Opitz

Postdoctoral Research Associate
COSIMA Research Group


Leopoldstr. 44
D-80802 Munich

Room: 405
Phone: +49-(0)89-2180-72574

Further Information

Curriculum Vitae

Year of Birth: 1987


  • Diploma in Psychology (2013) - LMU Munich
  • PhD in the Learning Sciences (2017) – LMU Munich

    Dissertation topic: Advancing the Assessment of Scientific Reasoning Skills: A Review of Tests and a Detailed Analysis of a Common Test Dissertation

Research Topics

  • Diagnostic reasoning
  • Test development and evaluation
  • Quality of scientific reasoning skills assessments


  • Allgaier, A., Krick, K., Opitz, A., Saravo, B., Romanos, M., & Schulte-Körne, G. (2014). Improving early detection of childhood depression in mental health care: The Children׳s Depression Screener (ChilD-S). Psychiatry Research, 217(3), 248-252
  • Opitz, A., Heene, M., & Fischer, F. (2017). Measuring scientific reasoning–a review of test instruments. Educational Research and Evaluation, 1-24.