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Online Guest Talk by Prof. Judy Harackiewicz | University of Wisconsin - Madison

Topic "Promoting Motivation and Performance with Utility-Value Interventions"



Online Guest Talk by Prof. Judy Harackiewicz on July 23rd | University of Wisconsin - Madison


Promoting Motivation and Performance with Utility-Value Interventions


It is essential that students perceive value in their academic work. I will discuss longitudinal studies that
document the importance of perceived value for interest and performance in high school and college
courses, as well as experimental studies that show the potential for promoting utility value in students.
This basic research provides the basis for intervention research, and I will discuss a model for the science
of targeted intervention. We have tested the potential of utility-value interventions to promote
motivation and close achievement gaps in gateway college science classes, and followed students over
time to explore long-term effects. Theoretically, this research contributes to our understanding of value
transmission and interest development, and practically, this research suggests that educators can make
important contributions to students’ academic performance by focusing on utility value.


Judith Harackiewicz is the Paul Pintrich Professor of Psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison,
USA. She received her BA from Cornell University in 1975 and her PhD from Harvard University in 1980.
She recently received the Distinguished Scholar Award from the Society for Personality and Social
Psychology. She has been studying motivation and interest for over 30 years, conducting experimental
and longitudinal studies of goals, competition, and value transmission in academic contexts. Her most
recent research concerns interventions to promote motivation in STEM contexts. She is currently testing
motivational interventions in college biology and chemistry courses, working to promote interest and
performance in the foundational course that serves as a gateway to biomedical careers.