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Project M

Model validation by means of the meta-analytical integration of research group findings

Project 1

Facilitating competences in diagnosing mathematics performance in simulation-based environments

Project 2

Fostering the diagnostic skills of future mathematics teachers: Individual learning potentials during the course of of study and effects of adapting prompts as scaffolding.

Project 3

Facilitating diagnostic competences of biology teachers using simulation-based learning environments: Effects of prompts adapted to the pedagogical content knowledge and diagnostic activities of the learners and the role of these prompts in the course of teachers' study

Project 4

ViA-ScAn - Fostering diagnostic skills in clinical history taking: The effects of adapting scaffolds in video simulations

Project 5

Facilitating diagnostic competences of scientific reasoning II: The effect of adaptive individual and collaboration-focused scaffolding

Project 6

In Project 6 the medical consultation between an internal specialist and a radiologist is simulated. Advanced medical students interact with a simulated radiologist in order to diagnose the patient's disease as accurately as possible.

Project 7

Fostering professional knowledge and competencies in interactive mathematical diagnosis: Effects of role taking, reflection scripts and accompanying reflection in simulated teacher-student interaction