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Project 3

Facilitating professional knowledge and diagnostic competence of biology teachers: The effect of direct knowledge transmission and scaffolding in simulation based environments


PhD Candidates

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Project duration

2017 - 2019


In project 3 biology lessons were simulated. Pre-service biology teachers use the simulation to diagnose problematic aspects concerning instructional quality of biology lesson. The diagnosis can be used for transforming further teaching. Within the project 3 studies are conducted. We investigate the effects of direct instruction of different categories of professional knowledge and the order of knowledge instruction as well as effects of scaffolding by self-explanation prompts during diagnostic process.

Current status

  • (2018) The simulation-based learning environment was validated by think-aloud interviews and expert-novices-comparisons. Two publications are in preparation. Furthermore, first data collection took place in October and November 2018. Data are currently prepared for analysis.