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Funding phase 1

Fostering professional knowledge and competencies in interactive mathematical diagnosis: Effects of role taking, reflection scripts and accompanying reflection in simulated teacher-student interaction


Doctoral Candidate

Project duration

2018 - 2021

Project description

Project 7 focuses on the acquisition of diagnostic competencies for prospective mathematics teachers. To this end, diagnostic interviews on demimals between a teacher and a learner are simulated in role-plays. These simulations are used to measure and foster the professional competencies, which are necessary in these interactive diagnostic situations, in mathematics teacher education students. A particular emphasis lies on the specific professional knowledge which is required in order to diagnose successfully. Moreover, the effects of the role taken in the diagnostic simulation (teacher, learner, observer), as well as the effects of the design of reflection phases on the diagnostic process and the acquisition of diagnostic competences are investigated.

Current status

  • (2020) Due to the changed circumstances because of coronavirus, we implemented role-play simulation in an online system. Due to organizational restrictions, we started the longitudinal study of the second project phase in the summer term 2020. Data collection of the first intervention study in phase 1 is planned for autumn 2020.
  • (2019) Data collection of expert review and validation study is finished, first insights are going to be presented in spring 2020. Data collection for the first study in phase 1 on the relation between professional knowledge and diagnostic competences is in progress. With regard to the first intervention study, we adjusted the system by implementing the role of observer and an reflection script.
  • (2018) The development and piloting of the simulations is finalized, and also the instruments for professional knowledge are ready for use. Currently, the simulations are being reviewed by experts from mathematics education and educational science. Apart from that, a first study on the simulations' validity is being conducted. First results will be presented in spring and summer 2019.

Publications in journals

  • Kron, S., Sommerhoff, D., Achtner, M., & Ufer, S. (2021). Selecting Mathematical Tasks for Assessing Student’s Understanding: Pre-Service Teachers’ Sensitivity to and Adaptive Use of Diagnostic Task Potential in Simulated Diagnostic One-To-One Interviews. Frontiers in Education, 6, doi: https://doi.org/10.3389/feduc.2021.604568

Chapters in books

  • Stürmer, K., Marczynski, B., Wecker, C., Siebeck, M., & Ufer, S. (2021). Praxisnahe Lerngelegenheiten in der Lehrerausbildung - Validierung der simulationsbasierten Lernumgebung DiMaL zur Förderung diagnostischer
    Kompetenz von angehenden Mathematiklehrpersonen. In N. Beck, T. Bohl, & S. Meissner (Eds.), Vielfältig herausgefordert. Forschungs- und Entwicklungsfelder der Lehrerbildung auf dem Prüfstand (pp. 57-72).Tübingen: Tübingen University Press. doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.15496/publikation-52641